Resolutions: New Year Decisions & Trying New Things

Resolutions: New Year Decisions & Trying New Things

I honestly debated about publishing this because I have a problem with accountability. Not that I don’t think it’s a good idea, it really is. Putting things out there on a public forum means that someone else knows that you are doing something. It means that they can remind you when you mess up. Or they can nudge you when you forget. But it can also really trigger your insecurities, and make perfectionism worse. That’s why I tend to hold back on publicizing my New Year Resolutions.

I have already talked about how I deal with some heavy Impostor Syndrome, and making resolutions is one of the ways it gets really strong with me. Putting it out there, something a lot of the listicles about New Year Resolutions suggest, can make it even more daunting for me. I will end up thinking that keeping the resolution, or any other similar kind of goal, is enough. There is suddenly a higher standard that I have to hold up the result to. In my head, it is not enough with just doing – it has to be perfect.

Funny enough, a lot of people will tell you that what matters in these situations is the doing. NaNoWriMo, for example, is all about getting you to write. They encourage you to get the word-count in and worry about editing once you are done. I’m sure that any person who writes can testify to how intimidating and difficult it can be to do this. The same applies to resolutions with me. But in an attempt to actually keep with them this year…I am doing this. In the end, it’s about myself, my goals, my resolutions, and my own want to reach them. So this year, I pledge a year of content. Every week there will be a new post, even if small. Here is a to a new year then, to resolutions, and creative ways of keeping them!


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