About Cris GD

About Cris GD

Writer/Media Theorist/Night Owl. Always finding new things to add to personal to be read/watched pile. Need to stop procrastinating by googling how to avoid it.

Puerto Rican born and raised.

The theme of the site is inspired on the work of T.S. Elliot.

The Works

Writer of academic and narrative work both, I love to consume media and popular culture; I also like analysing and critiquing them.

Speculative stories are my game. Mixing romance,science fiction, a dose of history, maybe in an alternate time? You got me.

Amateur media artist who loves finding new ways to tell stories.

If you want to exchange opinions you can find me on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook, or email me at cris@crisgdwrites.com. You can also contact me with the form below for short messages.

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